All around the country, law enforcement agencies are alerting the public, in particular parents and guardians, of a privacy update that unintentionally permits users to disclose personal information they might not want others to see. Agencies from several states claim that the updated software has a function that lets users hold two iPhones together to share photographs and contact information.

Customers who have installed the most current software update, iOS 17, can use the 'NameDrop' feature. A data sheet from Apple states that NameDrop "only works for sending new contact information, not updating an existing contact."

'NameDrop' sets itself to 'ON' by default when users install the update. Police are advising parents whose children own iPhones to make sure they adjust the device's settings as a safety measure.  To disable this functionality, adhere to the following instructions: Choose "OFF" under Settings, General, AirDrop, Bringing Devices Together.