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"Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy."

                                            -Norman Schwarzkopf
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Firefighter exams
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We know that selecting quality entry-level firefighters and police officers is challenging for any public safety organization. It is equally true that many organizations find the ever important promotional testing process for police and fire service organizations is demanding, time-consuming, and surprisingly costly. We have good news for you. The Ure Consulting Group offers a cost-effective police and fire department entry level testing, civil service entry level testing, custom promotional examinations, and assessment centers.

Selecting and evaluating supervisory and management personnel is a familiar problem. It could be the most important decision that an organization will face. Because of the importance of these types of judgments, organizations need more information on which to base their selection, promotion, and career development decisions - information they can understand and have confidence in. 

The Ure Consulting Group has experience in delivering entry firefighter exams, written firefighter promotional testing instruments, police entry level exams, and law enforcement promotional exams.  and assessment centers for over 26 years. All of our processes are custom designed for your organization and the job position. The Ure Consulting Group experience includes both civil service and non-civil service written testing.  

The Ure Consulting Group is sensitive to your time constraints. Our goal is to produce a superior product, in a lesser amount of time than our competitors, all at a competitive based price.  

The Ure Consulting Group has over 26 years’ experience in providing Texas cities with cost-effective police and fire entry level examinations, police promotional examinations, firefighter promotional testing, and validated assessment centers. To date, more than 500 Texas police and fire command leaders have been promoted as a result of a process conducted by The Ure Consulting Group. The Ure Consulting Group is led by Bruce Ure who has over 38 years of serving Texas cities as an Assistant City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Director of Public Safety.
"Why purchase a stock "off the shelf" examinations when our affordable, custom examination are available?"